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Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis Review – I Will Do It, But At My Own Pace!

Kicking of the training season with Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis workout… why?

Today was the first day in weeks I had the wish to hurry home, put on my running shoes and just go for a run. But the weather changed everything. Thunderstorm in Berlin, so no running for today. I got so wet on my bike on the way home that I had to take a shower first to get warm again. Now, lying in bed, thinking of plan B and snuggling Mia (my Chihuahua) I am typing my first post for this blog.

As the training season has started and I have the wish to do something for my body and soul, my masterplan for today is the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis training program. 

Tracy Anderson is a celebrity fitness coach, promoting a dancing / muscular structure workout for a body I never believed I could have. 

Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis training program is a DVD training program I’ve had for several years – and I’ve started following the program several times. I’ve never finished the whole 3 DVD training cycle – in fact, I only got to the end of DVD #1 once. But it’s not the workout program that I don’t like and that causes me problems…

Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis – Skip The Eating Part

No running today… Thunderstorm.

The program lasts for 90 days total and every 10 days the muscular exercises change, so your muscles (and brains) get challenged continuously. The only constant is the cardio dance part in the beginning of every training session. 

This program also includes a diet plan – but I will skip Tracy’s despotic eating restrictions. It is a typical low carb meal plan, and I do not believe in low carb. 

According to this plan, I would only be allowed to eat a certain amount of food, made of specific ingredients, prepared in a clearly defined way. Maybe for people who eat only fast food and have no clue of cooking and tasty (and healthy) meals, this food plan is a starting point or at least a hint. 

But it is clearly not suitable for me (and Jonathan would starve on this). It sounds like a lot of NO and kills the joy in food and eating. If you go for the full program, and you feel like eating what is not on the list for today, there will be only two options – eating it and remorse or not eating and being angry about not getting what your body is longing for.

So, Tracy, I will do your exercises, but I won’t eat like you. There needs to be some sin in my life – otherwise, what’s the point?

But I will do the workout because the workout itself is good in my opinion. At first, the cardio dance part can be confusing and stupid, and your knees can hurt. But if you stick to it, the pain goes away and the legs get slim and toned. That’s why I do it! 

After the cardio/dance part there is the actual workout. The workout itself consists of quick moves! You need to focus on the moves and do them right. In the beginning, I had to pause the DVD or wind back to understand what muscles exactly am I suppose to train and how to stretch or pressure them right. The good thing is you get used to it quickly (for the most part). But at the same time, Tracy doesn’t explain as much as she should in her videos. So it’s your job to figure it out.

That Part with the Scales…

The training timetable is strict – 6 days of training, one day of laziness. To be honest I made several attempts last year to do the whole process, but I always failed at day 30 or so several times. The problem for me is that you are supposed to weigh and measure yourself every day, and I hate that. I don’t even have anything home to weigh myself and to measure myself causes me stress. Maybe it helps others, but I feel like a rabbit under the microscope. So I refuse doing this nonsense from now on.

Tracy Anderson's Metamorphosis, available at Amazon.
Tracy Anderson’s 4 DVD Set Metamorphosis, available at Amazon.

So this years masterplan goes like this: I will do the program, but I am going to refuse to all diet and monitoring nonsense. Just do the training, make it my routine and enjoying the transformation, if there will be one. And if not I will just enjoy the training. But I also won’t punish myself for taking a day or two off, if I need them. I’m not going to restart again, because one day of unauthorized laziness will damage all the results. I will live on my schedule and train at my own pace, not Tracy’s. 

TL;DR: Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis training program is a fun (though sometimes painful) workout program for women – just stick to the workout and skip the BS about food and measurements.