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The Perfect After Workout Drink Recipe

I love coffee. Unfortunately it is not very healthy to ONLY drink coffee especially after long runs and in summer – although I have a couple of awesome iced coffee recipes I am going to share with you in a couple of weeks when the summer turns Germany into a sweaty oven… However, I have to assure that I drink enough – besides coffee. And it seems like I am not alone with this problem. Marina wrote about this earlier this week. And since we identified the problem we are going to provide you with some recipes for tasty drinks so…

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4 Ways Out Of YOUR Dehydration Misery

I am a bad drinker (not what you think). I drink very little throughout the day… I’m talking about water. Or any kind of liquid. And I end up in dehydration misery. In summer, it is easier, but in winter, I can survive with one cup of coffee (early morning wake up procedure) throughout the day easily. The results are obvious: Headaches, and exhaustion. Dehydration misery. And just a little bit of water could fix all that. This is a problem a lot of us know and struggle with. Because as soon as we leave the house the day life…

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