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Siblings – Love And Hate At The Same Time

Yesterday a parcel from Cologne arrived at my doorsteps. My sister sent it to me, and that was the inspiration for this post. 

What was inside?

Empty bottles to refill with syrup, I’m doing recently. A pair of pink leather sandals :), a lilac purse (I need a purse urgently, but I’m more into red, because of the superstitious Russian believe, that red attracts money. Jonathan convinced me to keep it because lilac is the new red). And a book ‚The Rawsome Vegan Cookbook’!

I love love love her so much, and I’m so grateful to her. As I’m recently into some vegan eating, she took me seriously and sent me this great cookbook. I love cookbooks. I can never have enough. They are a great source of inspiration, although I never follow a recipe strictly. I’m more looking the pictures, and when the meal is watering my mouth I look into the recipe, then start to substitute the ingredients, and there comes my dish inspired by Chef X. Now this is my first vegan one! I’m so happy, happy, happy and I’m going to make a review on this excellent book.

But back to my sister. We’re very close and although we don’t live in the same city we talk to each other almost every day or maybe every two days. But it wasn’t always like this. During our childhood, we hated each other fiercely. Always shouts, always fights and always arguments. Still, I don’t get how my parents could stand this terror from both of us. When my sister was born, I told my mom that I didn’t like her, didn’t order her, and I didn’t want her! I was 2,5 years old back then. When my sister grew a little older to understand I told her that she was adopted. Pretty nasty! The problem was our mom’s attention. I had it all, and now I had to share. As toddlers, we played together once in a while, but it was more like I had my life and she had hers. It continued like that. She had her friends; I had mine. Yes, we had the same route to school and spent holidays together, but we were not so happy with one another. Our family lived in a four rooms city apartment, and as our Granny was with us, my sister and I had to share a room. When it came to cleaning, it was always drama.


It all changed when I became a teenager. As I wasn’t allowed to stay out too long at nights with my friends and to prolong my time out I had to take my little sister with me. This was the rule and the key! So my little sister got used to hanging out with us very fast. Going out to a nightclub wasn’t a problem at all. I had friends who were older and had connections to the one nightclub; we used to go. Although you have to be 18 years old to get in, I started at 16 and my sister was even 14. Tons of makeup, high heels, and a beautiful, confident appearance were our ticket to get in. We didn’t do drugs, were never drunk and had no problems with the security, we just danced half of the night with our friends and went happily home. That was it. Since that time we became BFF. She kept an eye on me, and I looked after her, so we stayed out of trouble and got safe home when dad couldn’t fetch us. This time brought us together.

When I changed school, my sister changed with me. We stayed together. After I graduated, I decided to study in Berlin. But she fell in love and went to Dortmund to study medicine there and live with her boyfriend. The distance made it a little difficult to hang out together 24/7, but I managed to visit her as often as I could. Endless trips to Dortmund and never ending phone calls later we preserved our relationship. She knows everything about me, and I know everything about her. I can count on the endless support and help if I need that. I only have to call, and she’ll come!The relationships between siblings are often not easy. There is a past you share and some bad and good experiences. Love and hate go hand-in-hand.

Some years ago she finished her studies, moved to Cologne and now works as an anesthetist in a hospital in Bonn. Last year, she got her son and since then we’re even closer. Right now, I haven’t so much time to visit her, but we exchange videos and pictures over WhatsApp, so I’m aware of all the growing and feeding and playing progress.

But not only I have a sister and praise her here. Jonathan and Susanna are siblings too. They are also pretty close to each other. They work together, but besides that there is no day when they don’t talk to each other. They exchange family news, dog news and support each other with help and advice and whatever is needed.

I want to dedicate this article to all our brothers and sisters! It is not necessary that you share the same blood, but it is important that you share the same bonds! It’s not always easy together, but there is so much power, love and fun when you’re together. So keep that in mind the next time you’re arguing or trying to make your point. Sometimes it’s easier to let go. Be wise, be happy, love your brothers and sisters and everything will work out one day or another!