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The Perfect After Workout Drink Recipe

I love coffee. Unfortunately it is not very healthy to ONLY drink coffee especially after long runs and in summer – although I have a couple of awesome iced coffee recipes I am going to share with you in a couple of weeks when the summer turns Germany into a sweaty oven…

However, I have to assure that I drink enough – besides coffee. And it seems like I am not alone with this problem. Marina wrote about this earlier this week. And since we identified the problem we are going to provide you with some recipes for tasty drinks so that you will love your rehydration.

I have various drinks I like; I just have to remember drinking them. Putting a carafe or large glass with a tasty drink right besides my laptop helps. Having something in that carafe that I really like is even better.

I like to drink water with a little bit of fruit juice.

The problem is that I am not overly fond of over-processed fruit juice you can buy in huge containers in the super market. For me they are too sweet and not fruity and tasty enough. They lack the special “kick”, the taste of real fresh fruit.

Yes, I know you can also buy “good” juice. But the offer is limited and they are expensive. Plus, if you ever had some home made fruit drinks you will notice that you get really picky.

It is the same as with fruit jam. It just reminds us of our grandmother and homemade simply tastes better than the standard jam from the super market.

So, here I am looking for a great drink recipe to fill up my need for hydration. I also like to give myself a treat, especially after an intensive workout. I earned something good with my hours of running and sweating, didn’t I? And a treat does not necessarily have to be something unhealthy, fat or overly sweet. Or rather it should better be something more healthy.

So I am experimenting with fruit, herbs and spices to come up with really tasty, healthy and easy-to-make drinks to give myself a treat whenever I feel like it. And filling up my liquid reservoirs at the same time.

Here is the perfect after workout drink recipe

The Perfect After Workout Drink

For one generous glass you need:

  • ½ apple (either eat the other half, make double of the recipe or make another glass of this juice tomorrow)
  • a piece of ginger (about the top of your little finger)
  • juice of half a lime
  • a little less than one glass of water.

A blender (if you do not have a blender, you can try a kitchen machine, but if you are going for home made and healthy drinks a blender is probably a great investment you will never regret. Mine has been with me for years now and I use it almost daily.)

Skin the apple (or if you are going for just one glass the half apple) and the ginger. Cut larger pieces of apple into smaller pieces and put apple and ginger into the blender. Squeeze the lime into the blender. Add the water.

On a hot summer day you may also want to add some crushed ice.

Mix everything in the blender.

Ready? Pour into glass and drink. Feel the refueling effect 🙂


I rather like sour drinks. For me the apple adds enough sweetness. If you have a sweet tooth, or the apple is rather green and sour, you can add a drop of honey to the blender and mix it in.

Instead of lime you can also use lemons, but I personally rather like the taste of lime. Lemons tend to be even more sour with less flavor.

When reading about the perfect drink between or after workouts I read a lot about drinking a mix of fruit juice and water. The fruit juice adds minerals and a tiny bit of fruit sugar to fill up your reservoirs while the water adds the pure liquid your body needs to rehydrate after sweating.

That makes this drink recipe a perfect after workout refreshment: fruit + water (+ a lot of taste).

What do you think of this drink recipe?