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Monday Date Night: Take A Sneak Preview

Sometimes very little changes can improve your life tremendously. Sometimes, one date night a week can make you very happy.

It’s autumn in Berlin – in summer it is easier to get yourself some quality time outside your own flat – even on a weekday evening. The days are long, and everyone is happy to get outside after a long workday. Leave your flat call some friends for an after work gathering in an open air pub or just go for a walk in the warm summer air at night. But now it’s getting colder and darker outside – time to find some alternatives.

Like going on a date night to the „Sneak Preview“ at your local cinema.

For weeks, every Monday at 11 pm Jonathan and I sit in the local movie theater. We don’t choose the usual movie show; we go to the Sneak Preview. That means we buy tickets to a movie that isn’t actually running in the cinemas yet and we don’t know what will be shown until the film starts. Gladly, our cinema offers the Sneak Preview event in two languages, in German or the original language of the film.

img_20161010_230805Ticket prices are always lower than for a usual cinema show, to avoid big disappointment with the cineasts when the film doesn’t suit his or her taste. Some cinemas in Germany even don’t take money in advance at all but ask to make a donation if you liked the film.

There are even sites online that try to predict which film will be shown, but for our cinema, it doesn’t work very well, so it’s always a surprise.

Why do we like the Sneak Preview so much?

  1. Going out on a Monday:
    Usually, Mondays are the hardest days of the week because one has to find back into the week and work mode. Every Monday starts a new challenge. We have to work or go to school, manage difficulties and arrange family business, we are always in a hurry, always following a strict timetable. Looking forward to a date night on a Monday makes me feel great and brings me happiness.
  2. Leaving the house at night:
    Of course, we can watch movies at home. But it’s not the same even if we have all the technical equipment around. And leaving the house and going out is great. Besides, this kind of activity doesn’t need preparation. You don’t have to dress up or down to go to the Sneak Preview. Come as you are and have fun.
  3. Have a walk through quiet streets:
    The next positive thing is you can experience the empty streets at night in your neighborhood and enjoy the quietness on your way to the movies and back. Sometimes I even walk two blocks more than necessary with Jonathan or make a longer walk with Mia ( our Chihuahua) afterward in the middle of the night. She loves it too.
  4. The element of surprise: Sometimes very little changes can improve your life, like going on a date night to the „Sneak Preview“ at your local cinema.
    You never know what you’re going to see before the movie starts. Sometimes you don’t know what you’re watching even when you saw the beginning because you haven’t any clue about the film.     
  5. The crowded place and the enthusiastic cineasts:
    People from 3 Berlin districts come to our local cinema to watch the Sneak Preview on Monday night. Almost all tickets are sold out. The place is full of people who are excited and celebrate this event. The atmosphere is terrific. People cheer or curse not only when the movie starts, but also if they like or dislike a scene. They clap hands at the end in appreciation or sing birthday songs to their friends. You never know what’s going to happen. But on the reaction of the crowd, you can see if they liked the film or not, and I love this kind of interaction.
  6. Getting new movies to see before all the others and adjusting your movie taste:
    It’s great to get the chance to see films before they are actually running. So you walk past some movie adverts, and you already watched it; a great feeling! Of course, not all movies would be my first choice, but through this arrangement, I get to see movies that I wouldn’t watch at all or I never heard of. Some are quite good or very good, and some don’t suit my taste. But in the end, I feel entertained and that what it is all about.

Jonathan and I made it to our Monday cinema date night routine, and we love it. Since then I’m looking forward to Mondays. Usually, my rejection of the next week starts on Sunday evening. In school, I hated all Sundays because after that comes the Monday and my homework wasn’t done jet. Right now we’re both working a lot and not only weekdays, so there is no distinction between work time and free time. Going out on a Monday night gives us a feeling of freedom and happiness.