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Ditching Liquid Soap – Save All That Plastic Waste

Liquid soap is sooooo fantastic! Usually, it comes in fancy pump bottles in beautiful colors and very different odor directions. You can get everything from classical fresh lime / mint scent over flowery scent to some vanilla whatever scent. They are easy to handle and fast to handle in the hand washing process because within a second you get great foam. There are pump bottles that produce the foam for you and you get a lump of white smelly foam right into your  palm. In Germany, you can find these magibottle-1193706_1280c pump bottles assembled to the walls in public restrooms. Of course, some restrooms have the no magical version of pump bottles assembled to the walls, but all pump bottles do a great job when they are filled with liquid soap. I can’t imagine washing my hands in a public restroom with a soap bar that was used by thousands of others. I definitely wouldn’t touch it! I bet you wouldn’t too!

So why writing this article? What is it all about the ditching? We use liquid soap almost everywhere, we wash our hands with it, our bodies, our dishes and many many more things.  And one tiny bottle doesn’t last forever, so we are constantly using new plastic bottles or we refill them from some bigger plastic bottles or plastic sacks. This procedure costs time and money and personally I hate this refilling process so much! You try to make it right, but the liquid swoops over your bottle or it overflows the bottle when you are not cautious enough. Then you can do your foam party right there although you are not in the mood for that.plastic-bottles-1080430_1280

Besides this, body wash usually comes in plastic containers without the pump mechanism and at least in Germany we don’t refill body wash containers. Used up shower gel bottles we just through away. Now you’ll ask yourself why the girl does not buy herself some beautiful pump bottles? I hate the refill process! Why not buy a pump tube? Because I doubt that it fits with every bottle. Different brands use different bottle openings, I guess. And imagine you are under the shower, you are wet and your hair is wet, the warm water is running down your back, you reach for the shampoo bottle and the minute you have it in your hand you notice it is almost empty. You squeeze the bottle, shake it and it produces some drops of shampoo, but not enough. You are pretty aware that if you could open the bottle there would be enough for this one time. So you fight with the cap, having yosoap-673176_1280ur hard time to unscrew it. In the end the bottle almost always wins and you let water into the bottle and finish your unsatisfying shower business. Or imagine you come home with all the groceries after a hard working day. The house looks like a mess and you know you have to cook and to take care of your family and maybe also prepare something for your work for tomorrow. Will you refill your fancy bottles or fight with some bottle cover to insert the pump tube? I wouldn’t do that!

So a never ending line of plastic containers with different liquid soaps made the pilgrimage to our house. I made a plan to end it up. Too much plastic too often and I don’t like the feeling from liquid body wash on my skin. Still, not all the plastic bottles are removed. We’re still in process. But I had my little victory. We are washing our hands with a bar of soap and it lasts forever although we wash our hands often. Since last autumn, I shower with a soap bar and I’m very happy. There is no such feeling as if you haven’t washed already. Firsgarbage-725507_1280t, I bought some English honey soap bar, it lasted very long. Then I got a little piece of a handmade soap and it lasted a month. Now I bought some black soap Dudu Osum from Africa. It smells deliciously of lemons, but not too overpowering. The foam is great too, as is the feeling on the skin. There is no need for creaming. In Germany, you can pay up to 0,30€ for a soap bar. A good organic soap costs up to 1€. If you want something more “chic” go to Lush or buy some original Aleppo Soap on Amazon or a drugstore. The quality is amazing. Some people even use Aleppo soap for shaving. But the organic 1€ soap is of a decent quality and lasts longer than a bottle of liquid soap for the same 1€ and produces less waste.Ditching Liquid Soap - Save All That Plastic Waste

There are so many different soaps on the market. Go out smell them, take one bar with you home. It mustn’t be the most expensive one. Try it out. If it happens you don’t like it very much, keep it for washing your hands and try another one. I’m sure there is a soap for everyone out there! Be open, have fun!

P.S.: I’m still working on how to substitute my shampoo. But as it is, we are still in the process of transformation, I will write about it when I’m ready.