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About The Amazing Life

This blog has one purpose only: To lead us to a better life. And write about it. Or maybe the other way around – we’re not so sure about the order of things.

Wait, let us explain:

Everyone wants to lead an amazing life, don’t we? Well, we do too. We want to spend time with our dogs. We want to go hiking. And cycling. Maybe scuba diving one day. We want to eat good food, we want to enjoy drinking wine, we want to dance in the moonlight. We want to be fit (or at least look good naked). We want to be happy.

There are many things so many people want. But here’s the thing: All these things exist for us to just do them. And for 99% of the things we want to do there is no real reason not to do them.

But most people don’t do these anyway. They want to. But they don’t. We don’t want to be those people – which is the reason for this blog.

It’s another reason for us to do the things we want to do anyway. But wouldn’t do otherwise.

But hey, it’s going to be a lot of fun – and we hope you will join us for the ride.

Us, that is:


Hi, I’m Marina, I live in Berlin and enjoy life. To describe me in three words: dog owner, stubborn and passionate.

I’m good at getting things done, when I’m burning for those things. But there is also that part of me that loves to procrastinate, maybe just like in everyone else. Last year I ran my first marathon. It was fun and a lot of effort to prepare myself for it. I literally had to run my feet sore in preparation. But I did it.

But since that achievement the blues got me. I am still running and exercising, but not as often as I want or should. That needs to change. This blog will kick our sometimes lazy asses to make better choices and to go for an amazing life, not just a better one.

In real life, I teach math and work for a Berlin custom jewelry brand.


In my real life, I’m an entrepreneur. Which is great – but also stressful and often frustrating. This blog and the activities behind the content… I want it to become my point of balance. But for me, this is also about partnering with people – with Susanna, my sister and business partner, and with Marina, my partner in life. And of course, it’s about partnering with our dogs – with Mia, our yappy Chihuahua, and Fellow, our friendly Newfoundland who is being trained as a search and rescue dog.


In my real life I am an entrepreneur and working together with my brother Jonathan. It took me a long way to get there – I also am or have been a mathematician, a scientist and a management consultant. I have always been an active person, playing volleyball, running, enjoying hiking and climbing, swimming and biking. Honestly, running a startup – and eventually failing with it – has had me seriously cutting down on activity. I slowly find my way back to a more active and fit life.

I also enjoy cooking, especially with local or even wild food. Apart from writing about sports and outdoor activities, I will happily share with you some adventurous cooking and collecting of fruits, hunting down local specialties and experimenting with new recipes.

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