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My 5 Precious Spring Activities – Besides All The Stuff I Usually Do

As the sun comes out, the sky gets the typical spring blue, the temperature rises and the trees get their green back You know it’s spring!

The good thing is the days are getting longer, and it’s all about the sun. It is maybe still cold and from time to time you can get into a shower or a hail storm, but when you are in the sun, you feel the heat and the happiness that the summer is still in front of you. You see the fresh green on the trees and the birds are singing again in the morning.

Here is what I do:

1. Riding my Bike

Me & Mia
Me & Mia

When it is getting warmer, I have the wish to ride my bike again. Usually, I use my bike for transporting Mia and me through the city: to work or just for fun, for shopping or a night out with my friends. Mia (my yappy chihuahua) is sitting in her front mounted basket. She also enjoys the rides; she always barks out of her basket and greets all the other dogs we see at the roadside. In wintertime, I use public transport or Jonathan is taking me by car. Public transport system in Berlin is amazing so I don’t need to be taken everywhere… I seldom ride in winter, because of the ice and snow. I had an accident a couple of years ago, nothing bad but I clearly have more respect for ice on the streets.

I love to ride a bike. The clear advantage of this way of getting along is, that you breathe fresh air, enjoy the sun and you see more of the city and very often you are faster than by car or by public transportation. When I ride the streets of Berlin I enjoy the feeling of the city; every district is different – people dress different, and even behave different. All this you can explore just on your way to work. The other good thing is you’re getting fit. So coming back from work and knowing that a part of your daily exercise is already done is a good feeling. Oh, by the way: You get to do something good for nature, too. 

2. Gardening

Spring GardeningIf you have a garden, great for you. But you don’t need a mansion with a park instead of a garden to get active. Some flowerpots on your balcony or your windowsill outside or inside do the trick. Don’t forget to secure them; it can get windy and they tend to fly (and you don’t want to be responsible if they hit someone below, right?).

As I’m not the big flower lover I plant herbs. I love fresh herbs; they are so much more tasty than the dried ones, and they smell great. If you can, raise from seeds, but if it’s too much work for you, just buy some basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano or sage plants and relocate them in your flowerpots. They’ll live much longer in new fresh and bigger homes, than just in the tiny pots from the shop. You can also try some mint or tomatoes or aloe vera. Just do what you like.

The same thing is with flowers, do your own thing from seeds or buy some beautiful plants in the flower shop, supermarket or weekly market. In the supermarket, you can get plants very cheap sometimes. Of course, they will not last forever, but they will do the trick… until every green leaf is eaten or the fall comes. If you have tiny spaces, buy some not so long lasting plants so that you can swap them during the season. Find out what suits you and gives you pleasure and stick to it.

Another good things are community beds. Maybe your district has this opportunity too. This is a closed area where everyone with the wish to dig in earth can go to and plant and garden. This is good idea especially when you have kids: they can pick their own strawberries or experience how different plants grow. They are also a good places to get in touch with people. Hobby gardeners are usually pleasant people and you can exchange techniques and knowledge.

3. Get a Cup of Coffee or Tea and Sit in the Sun

cafe-438940_1280I see the advantage of coffee to go, but sometimes it’s so great to take a cup, a real cup and sit outside in the sun. Close your eyes, enjoy the rays, feel the warmth on your skin. You don’t have to meditate for hours if you don’t like to or don’t have the time for that, but a few minutes are great. It takes the speed out of a stressful day. You feel more calm and relieved afterwards.

You can grab a newspaper or a printed magazine or a book and read some lines during sipping your drink. Take a look around, maybe something interesting catches your view. It’s spring!

4. Let Fresh Air Float – Open Your Windows

floral-631697_640As soon as the sun comes out I open the windows at home and don’t close them until it is almost winter again. I’m a notorious open window person. Sometimes it is getting on Jonathan and Mia’s nerves, because it is too cold in the flat. But I can’t help it. Maybe I’m too radical for you, but when it’s getting warmer, you can still consider opening the window every day for at least a few hours, or as long as it is cosy enough for you. The fresh spring air brings a new spirit into your walls. Maybe you consider cleaning the windows. I’m thinking about it too. I’ll do it some time soon… As we are living in an old house, we have big windows, so maybe it will take more than a day… whatever. I’m still not sure, but all windows on one day is probably too much work. Right now three windows are open in our flat and it is sunny, but 9°C / 48 F.

5. Visit a Flea Marketflea-market-270566_1280

In winter it is cold and half the fun making this activity, because it is too cold to be there for a long time and not so much private vendors are there. Maybe the hard professionals have a better sorted  display, but the prices are accordingly.

Spring is a good time to start the flea market season if you search for something for you collection or some clothes, kitchenware or nothing in particular, but on the flea market things often catch your eye and you know you wanted this all your life.

My 5 Precious Spring ActivitiesIn Berlin, we have a flea market tradition. There are famous flea markets for antiques, designer clothes, kitchenware or street art. But there are also tiny local flea markets on every weekend. These tiny local ones are more like a garage sale. There are local motto flea markets as well (like everything around baby or it’s all about clothes and so on).

Just today we went with Mia around our neighborhood and there was a small market. We weren’t expecting it, but we got a brand new soft-shell jacket for Jonathan and an oil painting for me. The price we paid was more than reasonable.

So if you are in the mood on a Sunday morning or afternoon go and check out. Maybe you are lucky. Besides that flea markets have always great street food and it is not always the traditional Berlin Currywurst ( Sausage in curry ketchup). Sometimes there are also concerts and performances. So going to a flea market is more than a shopping habit. It is fun!