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4 Ways Out Of YOUR Dehydration Misery

I am a bad drinker (not what you think). I drink very little throughout the day… I’m talking about water. Or any kind of liquid. And I end up in dehydration misery.

In summer, it is easier, but in winter, I can survive with one cup of coffee (early morning wake up procedure) throughout the day easily. The results are obvious: Headaches, and exhaustion. Dehydration misery. And just a little bit of water could fix all that.

This is a problem a lot of us know and struggle with. Because as soon as we leave the house the day life takes control and we simply forget to drink. Although all doctors and health experts tell us not to.

Morning coffee - as necessary as it is - is no help against dehydration
Morning coffee – as necessary as it is – is no help against dehydration

When the day starts, it is easy to drink. You wake up, and most of us including me choose a cup of coffee to start the morning routine. First mistake: Just coffee is a step into dehydration misery – caffeine doesn’t help you to stay hydrated.

If you choose tea, fine by that, but black tea or green tea also contain caffeine. So this cup in the morning does not count for the constant hydration process either.

The positive side effects from drinking enough water throughout the day are obvious: you look better, you feel better, your brain and muscle action is better… So in one word, it is awesome to drink more water (ok, more than a word, but you get the picture).

But how do you get to staying hydrated at all times?

First: The Basics Of Not Becoming A Slave Of Dehydration Misery

I can survive with one cup of coffee throughout the day easily. The results are obvious: Headaches, and exhaustion. Dehydration misery. And just a little bit of water could fix all that.First of all, you have to figure out how much water is enough and how much is too much. There is an average rule that 2,5- 3,0l (85- 101 oz) is good, but there are several sites with hydration calculators so you can get a customized estimate. According to my height of 1,6m (5’’3) and approximate weight 55kg (121lbs) and to several hydration calculators I have to drink around 3l of water besides the water that is contained in food. All these sites propose not to drink a lot of soda, because of the sugar all these drinks contain and if someone is really thirsty sodas don’t help as much as you would like.

We usually have herbal and black tea at home, tap water, coffee and some self-made fruit syrup. Most of the time we don’t buy soda or mineral water. But there are times when we cannot see tap water any more, so we bought a soda machine to make our own carbonated water. In Berlin, the quality of tap water is quite good, so we do not have to worry about drinking it. If you live somewhere where drinking tap water is a risk to your health, there is no other way than buying bottled water or getting a filter system.

But now: Here are 4 ways out of your dehydration misery.

#1 Get A Water Bottle To Carry With You At All Times

water-bottle-962934_1280Get a water bottle that you like to drink out of and that closes perfectly. Nothing is worse than a dripping purse or a dripping backpack when you are in a hurry. The size depends on your own preference but up to 1l ( 33oz) or so is a good size. Keep in mind that it has to be filled and refilled, and you have to carry it around with you the whole day. The positive side effects of that are: you always have water at hand, you don’t have to pay overpriced prices, you ditch disposables, and it is most of the time not to cold (you know the feeling in your brain when you eat ice cream to fast)!

#2 Stick To Tap Water Or Non-Sparkling Water

If it is possible in your country stick to tap water – if not, stick to nonsparkling mineral water. Of course, sparkling bubbles are fancy, but you can drink more still water at one time, than with bubbles. Tap water is free, and as you refill your own bottle, you produce less waste.

#3 Develop A Routine

time-371226_640Every 1,5- 2,0 hours drink a glass of water or several gulps out of your bottle. With this technique, you control how much water you’ve already consumed. You can also put an alarm on your cellphone to remind you to drink. You can also use an app for that. There are several apps for free that you can try. But if you want to keep it simple (like me), follow the two hours max. rule: Max. time without drinking water: 2 hours.

#4 Spice Up Your Water

mellisa-1063171_640If you can’t see water any more, or you don’t want to drink color and tasteless liquid all day, there is help: Infuse it with fruits, vegetables, and herbs. There are endless combinations, and I’m sure you can find your favorite. The longer the stuff is into your water, the more intense is the flavor. The good thing is you can refill and reuse all ingredients several times. There is no right or wrong; it is up to you to make your water drinking journey an exciting part of your life. (Spearmint and lemons make an interesting combination)

Cheers! (Now go ahead and drink some water to get out of your dehydration misery.)